Saturday, March 3, 2012

Random Garden Tidbits {and Fertilizer Friday a day late}

The new container in the garden. It needs to be in a bigger pot but that will have to come another day. This is what I had and it ended up more cramped than I expected. White Dianthus, Primrose, and Creeping Jenny. Please ignore the watering can and the weeds we have been a little busy! :)

The Magnolia Bed. Everything is just starting to wake up there. Can't wait to see it in a month or so!

Can you help me identify this plant? I know it is an azalea of some kind but the blooms don't look like any I have ever seen. None of the blooms are fully open yet but I will update once they do.

The story about where it came from: My husband worked for two summers after we got married doing landscaping with a friend. At a historic home in Mobile they were ripping up all the fabulous old plants that had been there for who knew how long and putting in boring albeit easy to maintain shrubs. They were going to toss six old Azaleas out but my husband asked if he could take five and his friend took home the other one.

Matthew surprised me with five of these beauties and since I hadn't planned for them they just kind of got popped in wherever I could find a spot for them. They have gotten moved two or three times each and have never even blinked. One of them did get chewed on by our dog and we had to trim it down majorly this year but the rest are doing great. I would love it if you could help me I.D. this precious plant!

One of the mystery azalea buds.

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  1. Your container is gorgeous!I had creeping Jenny in containers last year and at season end, I transplanted it into the ground. It's a very cool plant.

  2. So glad to find your blog and down here in Mobile. Love to meet locals. Thanks for visiting me. I'm a new follower. I have an azalea like that but I do not know the name. The blooms look like roses and are so pretty. Love your potted plants there.

  3. Beautiful pictures of the azalea. How tall does is it? It almost makes me think of a Girard azalea but I'm not sure. It is evergreen? Low and spreading or upright? If low and spreading check out links to Girard azaleas. Good luck and happy gardening!