Tuesday, March 20, 2012

{mostly} Wordless Wednesday: What's growing?

Variegated Ginger Lily, Alpinia zerumbet, 'Variegata'
Mountain Snow Pieris, Pieris japonica 'Mountain Snow'

Mystery Hydrangea from a local flea market. We will see what it is once it blooms!

Bower Vine, Pandorea jasminoides (she lives in a pot and comes in the winter)
My precious new garden addition, the sweet 'Julia Child' rose. Older blooms lighten to a pale yellow.
Newly opened 'Julia Child' bloom. The fragrance is incredible.


  1. Julia Childs looks like an awesome rose! I added my first rose bush last year. I am not too found of plants that bite back (thorns) but decided it was time to add one. My grandmother has been rolling in her grave just waiting for me to get roses in my garden. She had such a beautiful rose garden I admired as a child....

  2. Julia Childs is a lovely rose. I've never seen Mountain Snow Pieris before and think it is wonderful. I have the Pandora vine and love it.

    Happy Spring and happy garden expansion ~ FlowerLady