Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mystery Plant: Azalea Edition, Answered

So we never got an answer on the blog to the identity of our mystery Azaleas so I decided to email the Azalea Society of America. A very sweet lady emailed me with a few question and then sent me this email:

"It is an evergreen azalea, the leaf has flat hairs, So ANNA KEHR was one suggestion. But I know that how a plant grows in Oregon has little to do with Alabama and many years of abuse. These plants are not doing justice to the genus. I would cut them back to 10 inches after they finish blooming, fertilizer lightly and let nature take its course. If they have healthy roots they will be awesome plants in 2 years. If not bushed out by the end of the growing season you saved yourself having to look at them any longer. Trash them." 

Update March 24, 2012: I was at the Mobile Botanical Gardens and found my Azalea in bloom. Name: Amelia Rose. Hooray for me! 

So that is what I did. I cut down my precious azaleas, fertilized them and am hoping for the best. We will see if they survive. I sure hope so!

We also had a garden visitor the other day that just about scared me to death. I was looking out the window in my living room which looks out at my favorite part of the garden and all the sudden this squirrel jumped up on the table on the other side of the window and watched me for about ten minutes and then wandered off on his merry little way. I couldn't believe how fearless he was acting! Sorry it is a little fuzzy, the only thing separating us was my window screen!


  1. Good deal!! So happy you got an id on your azaleas. I'm okay with cutting plants down to nothing. I have done it and am in the waiting mode now too.

  2. Cutting plants down freaks me out, so I guess that why I have more of a jungle atmosphere down here.

    That squirrel was brave. He must be looking for a hand out. :-)

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady