Friday, March 23, 2012

Julia Child and May Night

Sounds important, right? In reality they are just two of my favorite new plants. You have already met Julia but plan to see her a lot. She is in full bloom right now and is totally gorgeous. 
Salvia nemorosa 'Mainnacht', or May Night Salvia is just coming into bloom. 

I love the purple and yellow combo! This pairing is in our soon-to-be expanded front bed. It's one of those you-buy-too-many-plants-and-steal-some-more-of-your-husband' know how it is, or maybe not.

View from the soon-to-be front of the bed. We are planning to put a sidewalk from the front door to the driveway and that will be the bed border. It's also what I am asking my hubby to get me for my birthday. Too bad my birthday isn't until August!


  1. wow, you rose is blooming already? I'm so jealous. Julia is beautiful. Mine is a little fresh growth, but hasn't shaken the winter chills yet. The contrast of yellow and purple is very nice (it also is the colors of University of Washington) Go Dawgs!

  2. Julia Child is one of my favs.